Observer: the Bond style

As “Skyfall” premieres this Thursday November 1st, Christianna has a licence to post on Bond’s style -and his girls, of course…

Text: Christianna Belba

A post rather different than the usual. But trends will be our company during the whole winter, so I make an exception. Being a huge fan of 007 (as I am sure most of you are), a dedication with all my love is required.

My favorite 007 is Sean Connery. Elegance, class and a unique sense of style. Truth is when I first saw Daniel Craig as James, something didn’t quite fit. Maybe it was the fact that I grew up with Pierce Brosnan. But Daniel Craig proved me so wrong. I finally thought that he is the original British agent. And with the right accent. Thank God.

This post is all about style. The column as well. James Bond’s style is classic.

Sean Connery as 007 used to wear Anthony Sinclair suits and Turnbull and Asser shirts. Savile Row perfection.

It’s all about the tuxedo. The classic black tuxedo suit with the white button up shirt. Flawless, styled with a black bow tie, cuff links, and men’s watch. Bond’s  tailor made and perfectly fitting tuxedos add the charm of mystery. Throughout the years Bond’s style has been converted and changed but the tuxedo appeares in all movies. Sean Connery introduced the daytime suit, usually a three piece with a dark tie.

Dupont cufflinks, Persol sunglasses, Gucci suitcases, La Perla bathing suits, Church’s, Crockett & Jones, John Lobb and Nike shoes, Barbour jackets and Ballantyne cashmere sweaters made Bond look even better dressed. Actually, Daniel Craig brought up another change in Bond’s style. He introduced the casual sportswear, dark knitwear and light khakis. Not bad at all.

In the upcoming movie “Skyfall” Tom Ford created the entire wardrobe for Bond. He commented that he wanted to design the perfect classic wardrobe for Bond and that he is thrilled with the outcome. So am Ι!

Pierce Brosnan in Brioni tuxedo

Daniel Craig in La Perla swimming trunks (“Quantum of Solace”)

Crockett & Jones Tetbury for Daniel Craig

“Skyfall” Daniel Craig in Tom Ford