Décoratrice: James Bond

James Bond: An interior design inspiration. He is a myth. Make your home feel like a mythical place.

Décoratrice: Antriana Paraskevopoulou

His name is Bond. James Bond. A name synonymous with the world where anything can happen! The dangerous missions against paranoid enemies and the fatal “Bond girls” are nothing more than his everyday life.

James Bond lived in some of the most wonderful places in the world and his movies always pay great attention to the details, in designing sets. Inspired by his profile, I’ll give you some great ideas to make either your home or your office feel like a mythical British spy’s place.

James Bond clapperboard. “And…action!”
A James Bond’s wallpaper in your living-room
James Bond art: Gold 007 bullet and (what else?) a martini

A poster with an A-list of some of Bond’s favourite villains

007 logo wall sticker

Martini posters: Martini vintage prints on antique book’s pages

James Bond detail: A bow-tie on a stick

Family portraits: Some of the classic Bond’s villains

Vintage retro cocktails’ blender for your martinis

James Bond and Grace Jones vinyl decal sticker

There is a “James Bond 007 Bedroom” at the hotel “Seven” in Paris, designed by Agence Bastie. The highlights are a mythical British spy’s tailored suit and decoration with dark and very masculine details.

Watch the video below and feel like a spy!