Rock M.E in the city

Text: Eleni Fotopoulou, Marina Zamzara

After weeks of sweet, romantic, fashionable and glorious strolls around the city, M.E decided to discover the darker side of Athens. What actually makes our city so interesting and attractive is that there is always something so new and so different to visit, see or do.

So, are you ready for the other side of the coin? If you dare, follow us and enjoy…


To begin with, If you are addicted to chocolate visit Aristoteli’s Panagiotaros chocolaterie ”The Dark Side of Chocolate” in Solonos street and taste delicious and unusual combos like chocolate with mint, black and pink pepper, lemon juice, honey and cinnamon.

As you walk in, you feel the rock but warm atmosphere and the exotic smells really drive you to madness! What I loved in that small “choco boutique” was the geometric and cubistic motifs on the floor and the brown walls – like chocolate ready to melt on you! Dadaism rules…


Another tiny and alternative option in Athens is the cafe – bar named “Podilato” (Greek word for bike)! It is so renowned for its hot chocolate drink and coffee in the morning and the crazy parties at night. In addition “Podilato” supports new artists and this is why it is usually exhibits their work.


Being at Exarheia, it would be considered a terrible omission if we didn’t mention one of the most special places in Athens. ”Monstervile” is a concept store completely dedicated to the rock souls of the city. There you can find from T-shirts of all the famous rock bands to Paul Frank bicycles –we loved them! For those who are not very familiar with their rock aspect, ”Monstrville” may seem a bit dark at first sight, but trust us, inside you will find everything!

I personally picked a St. Pauli T-shirt that I’m going to mix it with a tight and very feminine skirt.

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed another M.E in the city stroll! Stay tuned because the best is yet to come! Have a great weekend!