VisualBlender meets Vicky

It’s a column blender! Vicky’s Notes meet VisualBlender on a Votre Beauté fashion story. 

Text: Vicky Kaya
Illustrations_photos: Markos Andriotis

Wednesday morning and i am running terribly late…not like me at all! The demonstrations are on again and the traffic jam is huge. Nothing can spoil my mood though..

I am deeply moved and happy to go to work. Meeting up with favorite people that I have worked with for many wonderful years and my own students is all part of the most creative combo: a photo shooting for the cover of Votre Beauté!

I was treated like a Model after a long time and not as a TV personality..did not have to smile and resemble to the viewers, i was back to where i started…  I was a model again, a femme fatale, a Newtonian muse! Oh joy, how i love Helmut and what he represents!

And there it was, the feeling of content, just looking at my darling colleagues who inspired me to love and cherish fashion and appreciate art, along with my precious students so ready to conquer the world! I will never forget this day!

Thank you Marko for adding a milestone with your VisualBlender! Love you truly!

The team Votre Beaute team:
Photos: Thanassis Krikis
Styling: Nicholas Georghiou
Make up: Stellar
Hair: Stefanos Vassilakis
Assistants: Elena Papastavrou, Elena Psalti (Fashion Workshop graduates)

Have a look at Markos (VisualBlender) illustrations and his backstage photos:



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