Music ID: Brandon Flowers

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Text: Yiota Dendrinou

There are so many things I want to say about Brandon Flowers, frontman of The Killers, that I don’t know where to start from and, basically, so many songs that I love I can’t even choose my favorite three. But, let’s just take it from the start.

I still remember clearly the first time I saw The Killers performing and trust me when I say that many years have gone by since then. The song was titled “Somebody told me” and I was standing fascinated in front of my TV screen, feeling that it was the best thing I’ve heard so far. Brandon wore a suit with a simple red T-shirt, had long hair and sang passionately “well somebody told me you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend”. Ok, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it was a great single from their first album “Hot Fuss”. All these things that I’ve done, Smile like you mean it and Mr. Brightside are some other singles from the same album… Wait! Mr. Brightside? I love this song.

October 2006. The Killers release their second album, Sam’s Town, and Brandon leaves a moustache. Back in 2006 it wasn’t such a common thing to see. However, I still believe that no one looks better with a moustache than Brandon Flowers. Who doesn’t remember their video for Read my mind, which was shot in Tokyo? Or For reasons unknown? Or Bones? All of them are simply amazing songs. But, on the other hand, there is this single from their second album called When you were young which every time I listen to it, I always come to the conclusion is by far my all-time favored.

Hot Fuss was all based on fantasy. The English influences, the makeup — they were what I imagined rock was. I’m a dreamer, you know? So I dug into that dream and made Hot Fuss. But hearing people call us the best British band from America made me wonder about my family and who I was. That’s what Sam’s Town is really about. I was trying to find out who I was.”


A live session at Abbey Road Studios, a Christmas charity song, a compilation album with the title Sawdust and their third studio album Day & Age followed the success of Sam’s Town.

In the meantime, the glam rock style of Brandon had been awarded several times since he was:

• “Best Dressed” at the NME Awards and nominated the following 3 years.

•  “Most Stylish Man” at the GQ awards in 2008.

• One of the “Top 50 Most Stylish Musicians of the Last 50 Years” by Esquire.

Not bad at all. But Brandon couldn’t stop there, since he was named the #6 Greatest Frontman of All Time in 2012. Among his work with the Killers, Flowers has also released his solo album Flamingo, with Crossfire being the most popular single and Charlize Theron starring in its video.

The Killers have also made a cover of the 70s Raspberries song Go all the way for Tim Burton’s film Dark Shadows.

About a month ago, the group released their fourth album “Battle Born” – “Runaways” is the first single. Brandon told Daily Mail that “We’ve always been honest about wanting success. We didn’t grow up in a cool city like New York or London. We grew up in the Nevada desert, so we have a different perspective. Despite the casinos, Las Vegas has a small-town mentality. We came from nothing, and we did things our way. We grafted hard to become big.”

To sum up, I tried to hide my amusement for Brandon and The Killers, but obviously I failed my purpose, so instead of three songs I chose four, after a difficult process and inside battle with myself. Despite their huge success, Brandon remains true to his Mormon faith and very down-to-earth with statements such as “At home, I’m not a rock star; I wear dad-appropriate attire. I drive a truck. And we go out to the mountains to light fires and have barbecues.” That’s Brandon Flowers.