Profile in style: the trio of Parisian Voguettes

Three women share more than a job at the same legendary magazine. 

Text: Evmorfia Savvaidi

Emannuelle Alt: Editor – in – chief of Vogue Paris
Géraldine Saglio: Stylist, Emannuelle Alt’s assistant
Capucine Safyurtlu: Fashion & Market Editor of Vogue Paris

Among eccentric ensembles and explosive personalities that are hungered to be captured by Tommy Ton, there is Emannuelle Alt, Géraldine Saglio and Capucine Safyurtlu: the trio of Parisian Voguettes.

Almost four years ago, the French editor Emannuelle Alt adopted a “uniform”: skinny jeans (preferably Topshop), basic t-shirts, collared button-down shirts and blazers. As time passes, she shows a preference for peacoats, furs and leather jackets, while she usually opts for ankle booties and pumps. She is not alone: so do Géraldine Saglio and Capucine Safyurtlu.

However, their chic plainness didn’t dismay any street style “hunter”. Emannuelle Alt continued to prevail in street style photos, along with her “henchmen”, Géraldine Saglio and Capucine Safyurtlu. Perhaps, that is what makes her jump out at the street style bold frenzy: she is not alone! They look like sisters embracing the same style and working for the same magazine, so there is a stylish “interaction”. This is what I call a successful marketing tactic!

In a period of time, when mix & match is on fire and trends blend well enough, without questioning the ‘genial’ part, three women, part of the Vogue Paris team, distant themselves from the rampant (over)styling – what a redundancy! –and go minimal. That is to say, this style is something more than an androgynous rock ‘n’ roll chic. This is Vogue Paris’ style.