Is cinema wearable?

I visited “Is the art of Cinema, wearable?” exhibition at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation to find out the brilliance of fashion inspired from Greek film legends.

Text_photos: Christina Zygouri (aka DirtyCurl)

It is a great initiative from Whitebox. The Foundation totally supported the idea. They all created an exhibition that I will never forget. The Whitebox team handcrafted exceptional items inspired from the characters of director Michael Cacoyannis. A contemporary aesthetic approach of his legendary movies. Sophisticated dresses, jewelry hats and more, all influenced from the movies of Michalis Cacoyiannis, the international filmmaker.

The black and white movie shots and film stripes are decorated everywhere you step and compose a very vintage scenery. The designer’s approach to a more modern version of each movie hero is more interesting than ever. It reminded me the vision I had in my assignments for FashionWorkshop. It is about imagination coming from the past and brought to the present.

Don’t miss it…
Until November 15th

 Participants: Jewels by Jessica, Olga Mergou Antiageing products, Roi by Fotini Kostouli, Razzmatazz, 2A Studio, Amalia, Gaffer & Fluf, Maria Arvaniti, Dolido Jewels, VladiLena, Celebrity Skin, Panos Apergis, Dimitris Dassios, Periklis Kondylatos, ElSpirit Creations, Katerina Karousou, {Flu:k}, Vassilia, Nikos Glavinas, Crochelle, Vasiliki Syrma, Stories 2 Wear, Chrystal, Maslinda, Strigles Craftcrime, Poupée, Matalou at home, Myrenia, ElenLovelyCollections, Athina Korda


Fotini Kostouli inspired from “The Trojan women”
Fotini Kostouli inspired from “Klytemnistra” 

Ellen Lovely collection for “Stella”
Dimitris Strepkos for “Windfall in Athens”
Celebrity Skin
Sofia Tsopela for “Stella” 
Jewels by Jessika

Katerina Karoussou for “Madame Hortence”
Katerina Karoussou for “Vyssinokipos”
Actress Kelly Karamani Me and Fotini Kostouli  
A “Stella” scarf
The making of the exhibition
Necklace by artist Vassiliki Syrma