M.E. in the City

Text: Eleni Fotopoulou, Marina Zamzara

After last’s week dreamy sugary stroll, the M.E in the City team decided to discover and suggest you some really special places in our lovely city. Their common element? They’re all going to provoke you a sweet nostalgic feeling…

I had been searching for a long time for a special gift for my mum’s birthday. I wanted something really different and not so expensive. E.leni suggested that we should go to Troc, a vintage store that she discovered recently at her stroll at Briki.

Troc  is the first vintage store that opened its doors in Athens, almost thirty years ago. As soon as you get in the little store, you feel like travelling back in time. Bags, hats, dresses and jewels from other eras, create a unique place where you can find whatever you have in mind. The owner, mrs. Vasiliki Zi, is the most kindest person and she is always around to help you. As she admits “vintage has become very popular nowadays and we have more young customers than elders”.

FIY, I found the ideal gift for my mum: a beautiful cameo –perfect on a suit jacket don’t you think?

39 Soutsou Str, Mavili Square

This travel back in time got us hungry, so I had an idea of eating something nice and traditional. Have you ever visited the island of Chios? If you haven’t, we have to suggest you the Citrus at Kolonaki. There you can find traditional products, like sweets, from the region of Kampos at Chios. The products are made exclusively by citrus fruits that are being produced at the island by the owing family. The main target of the Citrus Company is to emerge and protect the traditions of the island and the difficulties of running such a company.

Tip: Buy the lemon marmalade. Delicious!

5 Koumpari Str., Kolοnaki


We finished our stroll with a coffee at the very in Loukoumi Bar. The exquisite view to Acropolis and Avissinias square enchanted us. The Loukoumi Bar is the ideal place to end a tiring day; you can go there with your friends and have a nice time and if you’re lucky you will have the opportunity to listen and see some really good music bands!

3 Avissinias Square