Q&A: Elena Syraka

Elena Syraka is one of the most influential jewelry designers in Greece. Her minimal, yet luxurious creations constitute the ideal accessories for any woman who wants to bring out her classic beauty in a subtle way. The designer, stylish as always, welcomed us to the Museum of Islamic Art in the heart of Athens, where she is currently presenting her new collection “Nour” (Arabic for “light”).

When I was young…

“I used to make my own jewels just to wear them in school. I would go to Monastiraki flea market and buy the materials needed, like beads and clay, and I would then experiment with them, until I made something that I was satisfied with. I was a very creative child”.

I remember…

“When a professor at the Esmod Fashion University, where I was studying History of Costume, saw my designs, he immediately urged me to get involved in the jewelry business. He was so enthusiastic about my work that I became excited as well. That was the beginning of my designing career. When I came back to Greece, I studied gemology and – that was it; I committed myself to jewels design”.

This collection…

“Is inspired by the magic of Islamic art. My goal was to “convey” the shine and energy of the exhibits to my jewels; that is why it is called “nour”, which means “light” in Arabic. I
studied and observed a lot of things before I began to design. I wanted to be very careful, since it is a great honor, and a huge responsibility at the same time, to present my creations in one of the most beautiful venues of Athens”.

My fashion fetish is…

“Shoes! I have a lot of pairs, some of them from the age of 20. I take care of them as if they were my children!”.

Marina Zamzara

Costas Voyatzis for Yatzer.com