New York state of mind

Iconic, fashionable, dreamy, fast, charming, different, irresistible. I really, really love New York and let’s face it: Who doesn’t?

Text: Vicky Kaya

This blogzine is a result of team work. Graduate workshopaholics along with the fresh ones, teachers, partners and friends, we all work hard to present the best of fashion, the students’ projects and the things one should know.

This week, Mary Giatra and i write about New York. After a big talk about memories, experiences and happy moments, we present you our state of mind. Everything started when i told Mary that i spent the best seven years of my life there. “New York is my favorite city in the world!”, I said and a big smile appeared on my face. Seven years in New York, how many memories can fit in seven years? “Ok”, Mary said, “it’s not seven years in Tibet”, but yet she was so intrigued that she asked to see photos and said: “Wanna have a post together about NYC?”.

So we did! The New York state of mind is not something that happens to you overnight when you land in NYC! It builds on you while you are there and you slowly start to realize how your life changes in the most magnificent way!

You are not the same anymore, you see life in different light, you get this rush of energy to become the BEST you can ever be and you GO for it! Everyone GOES for it in NYC! No fear, no looking back, feels like you are sitting on a high-rise overlooking at the world with a clear , creative point of view!
My life changed radically when i moved to NYC, I  became the person I’ ve always wanted to be, worked really hard, made wonderful friends and soon realized that ANYTHING is possible as long as you believe! The city is fast and people are time to waste on second thoughts and regrets! You gotta think fast Dude!
Have no fear, keep trying, respect yourself, be at your best ,dream all you can dream and it will happen! I promise!
Darling Mary, here is to your seven years in New York!!


Vicky’s NYC state of mind

Text: Mary Giatra
Photos courtesy of Vicky Kaya

Countless pictures, countless memories! Parties, concerts, photo-shoots, New Year’s Eve, 4th of July, the Met Gala, is that Madonna over there? Oh come on! This is better than “Sex and the City”! You should live it in order to understand.

Wanna have an insider’s look? Here it is…

First stop, Vicky’s birthday on July 4th.  The only other person I know that was born on the 4th of July is Tom Cruise in that movie. Damn, she’s really an American, her birthday is the same day as the American Independence Day. Magnolia bakery cupcakes and fireworks in one day! Jealous much? Nooo…

Sunbathing at the Chelsea Piers, New York, NY
Happy, happy birthday with Magnolia bakery cupcakes4th of July fireworks

Then there is the Met Gala! Met Gala once, Met Gala twice, Met Gala thrice…Sold! In amazing Ralph Lauren bias-cut gowns of course, she has been a Ralph Lauren girl after all. Partying at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York with your best friends. Yes, like that happens all the time! At least I saw Picasso and Dali and Warhol there, that should count for something, shouldn’t it?

2006 MET Gala
The 2006 gang at the MET Gala, right next to me: Meredith Keller, PR Director at Harry Winston, Jahara Devlieger, dutch beauty, Jamie (pardonnez moi for forgetting her lastname), actor, Evangelos Boussis, actor, PJ Pasqual, style guru.

Vicky with Meredith Keller of Harry Winston PR office and the Dutch beauty Jahara Devlieger.

Let’s move on to winter. In New York the winter is really cold, like I want to start crying because it is so cold and I can’t stand it anymore cold, but Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the Big Apple is one of the most fabulous experiences. I see her in a photo decorating her apartment in her PJs, outside the window everything is covered with snow. Christmas lights, flowers and lots of white, she really loves white, have you been in our school? A very lovely  Christmas time in SoHo, 57 Thomson St. it was…

Getting ready for Christmas! Vicky’s last appartment in Chelsea overlooking the Hudson river: on the 26th floor of 26Str and 6th Ave building!  (666, OMG)

Strolling in Tribeca! Way too chilly!

Right under her place in Soho. Winter is (not) so great in NYC!

New Year’s eve with her dearest PJ Pasqual at Bungalow 8
With PJ Pasqual at the Winter Wonderland Gala, hosted by Ivanka Trump and Vicky’s friend, super-model Karolina Kurkowa

Ok we have seen party pictures and Christmas pictures! Vicky in a bathing suit in the middle of the Meatpacking District we haven’t seen yet. Here she is, striking a pose for Christos Karatzolas, the NY based photographer.

Shooting for Esquire with Christos Karantzolas
With Christos Karantzolas at his place on Bleecker str, Greenwitch Village

Wait, I didn’t know Vicky was a Victoria’s Secret angel! Here she is at the launch of PINK with her best friend, Alicia Athanasoulis. 
With her best friend Alicia Athanasoulis at the launch of Victoria Secret “Pink”

But no more Miss Nice Girl! Why is that photo of Gwen Stefani so clear? Exactly how close to her were you standing?

Polka dots for Gwen Stefani: Vicky delivered her Louboutins with her friend Michael Nitis (manager of the Oratio str Louboutin boutique)

And why is that lady looking suspiciously a lot like the Queen of Pop? She is her majesty isn’t she? You didn’t really make eye-contact with Madonna did you? Oh yes, you did!

Madonna posing for Vicky at the VIP section! Lucky her!

The Statue of Liberty stars in the next pictures and classic, beautiful New York returns. Feelings of freedom and calmness surround me and I think I have saved the best for last.

Sightseeing at the Hudson river
The statue of everyone’s liberty
Ellis island by boat

In this last breathtaking photo I see hope, I see endless opportunities. It is not a party picture nor a picture from a concert. This is pure beauty in it’s most inspiring form. As her student I am feeling connected to her by seeing what she witnessed that day. Frank pops up: “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere…”.

On Sunday you will read the new column: “Travelling” with Mary’s photos from New York. Stay tuned! Next week, on Vicky’s Notes, I blend up with Markos’ VisualBlender!