Rodarte serve coffee

Three key words: Coffee, Christmas and High Fashion…and a romance just begun!!

Text: Sophia Defteraiou

Starbucks fell in love with Rodarte! It is the first time that the coffee company meets fashion and it is a work of genius. Mulleavy sisters and Starbucks collaborated to create limited edition products for Christmas. The collection will include cards, mugs, tote bags and cup sleeves in a beautiful grey pixilated print.

“Our clothing is specialised and when we are thinking of Rodarte, we choose things that say who we are as designers, but we’re not limited to that. We like the idea of collaborations and putting our thought process somewhere else.”, Laura Mulleavy at Business Week

If you are waiting for the moment to make them yours that will come on November 13th at selected Starbucks’ stores and on company’s online store.

Be patient!