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First day at Fashion Workshop: what a thrill!

Text: Yiota Dendrinou

When I cast my mind back on the day of 14th July 2012 a bitter feeling arouses, since it was the end of the summer intensive course and all the exciting and fascinating things that we have learned, came eventually to an end. But, three months later, thanks to Vodafone, I was capable to return to Fashion Workshop again.

“Welcome and enjoy the fashion ride!”, was Vicky’s wish.
Vicky Kaya, Victoria KarvouniVictoria Karvouni, Dada Ioannidou, Vicky Kaya 

Opening the red door, for my “second first day” I climbed the stairs eagerly to see my new classmates and to start this whole interesting, educational process. Ms. Vicky Kaya, dressed in black and white, was already there waiting for us, as well as our teachers, who have come early in order to inform us about the projects and syllabus.

Genevieve Majari

Victoria Karvouni
Dada Ioannidou
FWbVK new Office Director and Manager: Vassia Vrettou, Eleni FotopoulouPart of the FWbVK great team:Dada, Genevieve, John Sarlis, Victoria Karvouni

So, we started with the orientation day and when the time came, the students of the styling course split from those who attend the course of journalism. The first lesson for us (the stylists) was “Research to realize a concept” and Mr. Nicholas Georghiou introduced us to the aim of this class. We talked about different things such as “fashion is culture” and “the purpose is to create beautiful images, not only photograph the clothes or shoes”. Hour by hour, we were starting to know each other better and a friendlier environment had been created among the girls (yes, all the students this year are only girls!)

Nicholas Georghiou 

The day ended with the meeting of our blogzine. The editor in chief, Mr. Dimitris Papadopoulos asked us to write a small text about our favorite designer and encouraged us to take part in this blogzine, a place where we can exercise and expand our thoughts and interests, which will be really helpful in the future.

“Who’s your favorite designer?”

Finally, we took some group photos so as to remember this special day and everyone left Fashion Workshop with a smile and excitement, waiting for tomorrow. And like Arcade Fire’s lyrics best describe “My mind is open wide and now I’m ready to start”.