Profile in style: Natalie Joos

This lady has genuine style and a love for everything vintage. We present you the next best thing, the new queen of the street catwalks, Mrs Natalie Joos.

Text: Marina Zamzara
Photo selections_collages: Evmorfia Savvaidi

For the fashion connaisseurs, Natalie Joos is not a new face in the industry; former model, Natalie is currently a casting agent, meaning she is responsible for choosing the right model for the right show. She has worked with many fashion houses and designers, like Lacoste and Philip Lim, and she is among the most experienced professionals in the fashion industry.

The Belgian born Natalie, pretty soon decided that New York suits her best. She started her career working as a PA for Glen O’ Brien, better known as American GQ’s “The Style Guy”. After that she took over Craig’s Mc Dean Photography studio, where she got familiar with modeling in general.

Having got all this fashion experience, Natalie Joos decided to open her own casting agency based in New York. A fashion lover herself though, she couldn’t resist to the idea of creating her own fashion blog, completely dedicated to “vintagemania”. The “Tales of Endearment” launched in 2011.

As far as her style is concerned, you just need to take look on the street style shootings -she is one of the leading ladys- and on her statements…

“I don’t adhere to trends. I just do my thing. I’ve always worn colours and prints so I guess I’m on trend now. I love 50’s and 60’s dresses, ankle socks, romantic head pieces, stripes, polka dots, flared jeans, pastel pink…”


“I’m definitely influenced by American fashion but I’ve always kept my own style and inspirations. I never dressed Belgian either. It’s quite dark, sombre and conceptual, with volume and long hemlines. I wouldn’t say it’s feminine, colourful or sexy, which are three defining components of my personal style”.