SKG*: Brigitte

SKG*: Airport of Thessaloniki IATA codeĀ 

Text: Billy Hazel

Every time I hear the name Brigitte, mrs Bardot comes to my mind with her earthy beauty, her great style and this envied simplicity. This name fits perfectly in this place. Brigitte Boutique is the newest entry of Thessaloniki’s stores. Nancy, the owner of the boutique, welcomes you with a big smile giving you the power to search between all these clothes. There are things for every style and every girl’s ” I want” . You can drive youselves through casual clothes, uniforms, glitter, studs and modern dresses. There is also a variety of everyday shoes and high heels which will absolutely catch everyone’s attention.On the other hand if you like to keep the outfit simple on the basics just add some great accessories and you are ready to hit the roads.
79 Mitropoleos str., Thessaloniki

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