Yiorgos Eleftheriades Spring 2013

Talented designer Yiorgos Eleftheriades shot his Spring 2013 lookbook at Fashion Workshop. 

Text: Mia Kollia
Photos: Genevieve Majari
Styling: Nicholas Georghiou
Model: Esther Mastroyianni

Strict and ravishing, with a subtly sensual eye on fashion and always faithful to Northern European desisgning principals, Yiorgos Eleftheriades visualizes women Spring 2013 in black, white and earthly colors with a splash of colors that lead you to brighter paths.

Yiorgos’ endless imagination reflects on the dozens of drapes on fabrics. Eclectic stripes, minimal prints, asymmetries and drapes either on skirts, jackets or a dress.

Geometrical stuctures on the back, the waist or the hips allow the woman control her femininity. On tight ensembles, like the magnificent long dresses or jackets, uncovered parts of body appear discretely while the voluptuous layered pieces balance their strength with minimal combinations (like the excellent tops). Accordingly, the exquisite shoes with the nude or black socks create a sophisticated accessory which completes any look since it doesn’t overwhelm the whole picture. Talking about exceptional elegance and understated magic that only Eleftheriades could handle with such perfection.

The extra large trousers and jumpsuits remind me that the designer can easily endows looseness and relaxing attitude in favor of his “haute” aesthetical approach. An approach to which he is persistent from his very beginning – the absolute challenge for any designer who respects himself.

We are lucky enough to have the lookbook photoshooting at Fashion Workshop. He was a dear guest at “FashionTalks“, believed in workshopaholics and invited them to assist him on 4FashionShake show and is always close to our events and projects. So, this time, Yiorgos, close friend with Nicholas Georghiou and Genevieve Majari, trusted once more their intuition and talent for the Spring 2013 lookbook.

On a late September afternoon, Yiorgos, Nicholas, Genevieve, Esther and their assistants (workshopaholics Elena Papastavrou and Elena Psalti were part of the great team) prepared the lookbook of Spring 2013 excellent collection. Here are some backstage photos:

Esther Mastroyanni and Genevieve Majari

Getting ready: Esther and Nicholas Georghiou
The lookboard of the shooting

Graduate workshopaholic Elena Papastavrou assits Nicholas Georghiou

Have a glance at the lookbook of the Spring 2013 collection, which already stole the heart of fashionistas in Paris. Good luck, Yiorgos!