We are back!

Photo from Tatler UK

We are back and kicking!
Dearest workshopaholics, a brilliant year is yet to start on Monday, October 15th! 

Only a few days left till the opening of the second season of Fashion Workshop. Yesterday afternoon, my beloved teachers gathered for the first big meeting of the season, The sullabus is enriched with new modules: French- French Terminology, Selling the fashion, Advanced Design and History of Art and P.R. in practice. This is why last year’s teachers Nicholas Georghiou, Mia Kollia, Dada Ioannidou, Genevieve Majari, John Sarlis and Ioanna Peppa welcomed Kelly Stavropoulou, Katia Trakada, Victoria Karvouni and Vanda Giannara.

What a team! What a faculty! Our new workshopaholcs will be here on Monday. Excited for the new year, I welcome my two new assistants Eleni Fotopoulou and Vassia Vrettou, graduates of last year’s fashion journalism and styling courses. I am proud of their professionalism and their smooth gentle manners. Welcome aboard!

So, the meeting lasted for many hours. Teaching hours, projects, events that workshopaholics will attend and assist, a full year of challenges, creativity, big surprises, key collaborations, Paris Fashion Week, seminars and many more  will begin shortly. Wanna join? You still have time! Submissions are open until Monday, October 15th. Wanna be a workshopaholic?

Here are some photos of last nigth’s meeting:

Katia Trakada, Nicholas Georghiou, Eleni, Vassia (my left and right hands!)

Trying to discipline my teachers! (Not that easy!! Haha)

Photo opportunity for Genevieve Majari!
Nicholas Georghiou and Mia Kollia in a playful mood!

Told you…. not easy!
Genevieve, Dada, Ioanna
It is a fashion school after all (although smoking is prohibited)
Working hard
…working harder…
And, we got it: sullabus, year program, seminars, creative workshops, guest lectures. All in place! Dearest workshopaholics, a brilliant year is yet to start on Monday, October 15th! 
Welcome and enjoy the fashion ride!