Agenda:11-17 October

Autumn rain you are welcome! Come and cleanse the earth, the air and ourselves. This week is inevitably rainy, although it could also be sweet, salty, musical, graphic and absolutely entertaining.

Text: Mary Giatra

“Sweets are not forever”

4000 colorful little chocolates made of clay, 60 small paintings, drawings on paper and other playful pieces are what the exhibition at the shop of the Benaki Museum, which starts today October 11th, consists of. The artist is Christina Darra. She studied painting in Paris at the Ecole Nationale Superiore des Beaux-Arts and printmaking at Central St. Martins in London. Her work depicts the struggle of a generation that grew up having everything and now has to face a deep social and economical crisis. For more information about the exhibition press here.


“Retr-audio”, with Lakis Papadopoulos and Vassilikos

The two beloved Greek musicians are teaming up in order to bridge two musical generations. Lakis Papadopoulos, the teacher, and Vassilikos, the student, will be performing at the Center Stage of “Stavros tou Notou”, starting this Friday, October 12th. The talented musicians, have created a subversive and nostalgic show that will touch every rock n roll heart. Don’t miss it!


 “God Loves Caviar”

Legendary personalities have always inspired Iannis Smaragdis, the talented director of “El Greco”, who returns in the movie theaters with another epic adventure. The movie “God Loves Caviar”, is the compelling story of Ioannis Varvakis, and his transition from a humble Greek pirate, to an international caviar millionaire. Sebastian Koch, known for   his role in the masterpiece, “The Lives Of Others”, stars in this thrilling adventure which premieres today October 11th.


Colored: Street Art Exhibition

Four of the most recognizable artists of the Athenian street art present their work on canvas for the exhibition titled “Colored”. The exhibition is free and takes place at the Free Thinking Zone in Athens. Street Art is definitely one of the most important forms of modern art. It is alive and sends direct messages to the public. Visit the exhibition at 64 Skoufa Street in order to see the works of George Callas, Spit, Cacao Rocks and Wild Drawing.


Listen to “Mumford and Sons”

They are addictive. Since they formed in 2007, the members of the British band have shared a common purpose: to make music that matters, without taking themselves too seriously. Folk, romantic, melancholic and kind of old-fashioned, they invite us with warmth to their magical stories. “Little Lion Man”, was the debut single of the band and has had a huge success, taking a place in the list “150 Best Tracks of the Past 15 Years”. Their new album “Babel” just came out. And this is just the beginning…