Updated! Brad Pitt for CHANEL No5

Updated! The first video of Chanel No5:

Brad Pitt is the first man to be the face of Chanel No5.

Text: Antriana Paraskevopoulou

You have read about this collaboration here. The fashion house of Chanel and Brad Pitt make history. The renowned actor, who is reportedly receiving $7 million for this campaign, is the first man who will be the face of the legendary female fragnance Chanel No5, since its introduction 91 years ago.

The French firm started releasing some teasers for its much-anticipated new Chanel No5 campaign, in which we can easily recognize the distinctive Brad Pitt’s voice whispering some mini-questions.

As Andrea d’Avack, president of Chanel Fragrance & Beauty, said: “to keep a legend fresh, you always have to change its point of view. It is the first time we’ve had a man speaking about a women’s fragrance. We think very much that the perfume is a seduction between a man, a woman and the perfume. No.5 is our leading fragrance, and we are willing to make the investment to keep it on that level”.

Answers on October 15th, 12.01a.m. Paris time.
Some days before, the house of Chanel released another video on the website “Inside Chanel” about the history of the iconic fragrance Chanel No5.
Watch this unique mini-documentary: