The BIG chair project

Jamie Oliver gathered artists and designers for a good reason: the “Big chair”project. 

Text: Antriana Paraskevopoulou

When Jamie Oliver doesn’t cook around the world, writes books or teaches cooking, the famous chef comes up with some brilliant ideas to raise money for his charity – the Better Food Foundation, which this year celebrates its fifteen years of operation.

The enfant terrible of English cuisine never stops; this year he invented the “Big Chair Project”. It’s about an auction in which famous fashion designers and artists have created chairs for Jamie Oliver’s latest charity. Not just any ordinary chairs. Each artist was given two Fritz Hansen chairs: one for practice and one for the masterpiece. The goal? They have to re-launch the all time classic Ant chair: The Ant chair was designed in 1952 by Arnes Jacobsen for use in the canteen of the Danish pharmaceutical firm Novo Nordisk. It was named for its approximate similarity to the outline of an ant with his head raised…

Sarah Burton, Paul Smith and Christopher Bailey have created, among other famous artists, their own version of Ant chair. Jamie Oliver participates in the project with his own creation.

“Hand Massage Petal Chair”: Sarah Burton for Alaxander McQueen
“The Burberry Stud” by Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer
“Luvly Grub” by Paul Smith

“A pear of Chairs” by The Liberty Art Fabrics Design Studio
“Dragon’s in the Kitchen” by Quentin Blake
“The Hipstamatic Chair” by David Loftus & Jamie Oliver

“It’s incredibly exciting to think that Fifteen restaurant and the Foundation have been helping to inspire, educate and empower young people for 10 years now”,  Jamie Oliver


“Fifteen JOuy Bilee” by Quentin Blake
“Food Fight” by Barnaby Purdy
“Food in Flight” by Quentin Blake
“Lumberjack” by Superdry

“Paradise” by Mathew Williamson

“I’m truly humbled to have such a brilliantly talented group of people from the fashion and art worlds to help on this fantastic project to raise money and help us mark the occasion”, Jamie Oliver

“Pink Drizzle” by INSA

 “Production Line” by Ricardo Cinalli
“Rise and Shine” by Cath Kidston
“Superseat” by Superby

“Truly Scrumptious” by Julien McDonald”

The exhibition takes place in London, at the head offices of the Republic of Fritz Hansen company. The designs will be auctioned online and six of the “famous” chairs will be available to win as part of a lottery. The auction will close in October. The aim is to raise money for free training seminars to young aspiring chefs, organized by Jamie Oliver.

Watch Jamie Oliver introducing you to the “Big Chair Project”: