DirtyCurl: playful curls!

If your hair is curly enough now is the time to enhance them.

Text: DirtyCurl

Stop using straightening irons and chemical treatments and go afro!

1. Wash and use conditioner. A good moisturising care product is essential when dealing with curly hair.

2. Massage your scalp gently and comb your hair using a wide-tooth comb.

3. Rinse very well using cold water. Hot water makes your hair frizzy.

4. Towel-dry softly.

5. Apply mousse and blow dry with a diffuser attachment until your hair are completely dry.

Extra tips for (dirty) curls:

Cut damaged ends as often as you can.
Rinse all products very well. This is important if you want voluminous free flowing curls.
Use as little heat as possible.
Apply any conditioning oil (almond oil is my favorite) and leave it all night on your head. It moistures the hair and the scalp.
Use silk or satin pillowcase. Any other fabric make your hair frizzy and breakable.