Agenda: 04-10 October

Pablo Picasso said that “the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” No matter how dusty and grey your lives get, resort to art. Music, theater, visual arts, painting are there, to awake our souls and stimulate our minds. 

Text: Mary Giatra

“Temple of truth”, by Angelo Plessas
Angelo Plessas’s exhibition at the Rebecca Cahmi Gallery in Athens has been extended until today. The artist’s work, which has been inspired by the 1990’s Internet culture, explores the humankind’s place in the physical, as well as the cyber space. In his current exhibition, he focuses on the individual’s status in an ever-changing world, where we have to produce and mostly be produced.

 Visit today the Gallery at 9 Leonidou St. in Metaxourgeio.


Movie of the week: “Looper”
In the year 2072, when the mob wants to kill someone, the target is sent thirty years into the past. There a hired gun awaits. Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt star in this futuristic action thriller, directed by Rian Johnson, which has received universal acclaim from critics. Combining sci-fi elements and good old-fashioned action, this smart movie, is an excellent choice for the week.



Camerata on period instruments at the Onassis Cultural Centre
This Wednesday, October 10th, the Camerata are opening their new season at the OCC, playing all of J. S. Bach’s legendary Brandenburg Concertos. The exciting fact about this concert is that the orchestra  will be using period instruments, similar to those the composer actually wrote for. One of the finest compositions of the Baroque era and a very demanding one. Don’t miss it!
Visit for more information about the concert.

Listen to: Marina and the Diamonds
She is fun, she is talented, she is fabulous and she speaks her mind. We have been observing Marina for the past few years and we knew that she is not just another pop star. She is our own “Primadonna”. Her new single “How to be a heartbreaker” is a major hit, while the video is equally hot. Her music is current and deserves our attention. We will definitely be hearing a lot from Marina Diamantidis in the future.