Profile in style: Chloe Sevigny

The “indie queen” proves that personality is stronger than a stylist.

Text: Marina Zamzara
Photos: Terry Richardson fot OUT Magazine

Her face has something inexplicably beautiful; her acting talent is more than obvious; her style is an inspiration not only for cashion lovers, but for designers as well. The “indie queen” proves that personality is stronger than a stylist.

Chloe Sevigny is one of the models that left behind the catwalk for an acting career. But comparing to some of her colleagues, Chloe made this transition look absolutely rational. She not only tried to make just a career in the movies, but she built her resputation through her eclectic choices of acting roles. As an outcome, she was crowned “indie queen”, and, without a doubt, this depiction is totally suitable for her lifestyle and character.

She may have stopped working as model, but her occupation with fashion didn’t stop at all. Chloe Sevigny has been also a fashion designer with many collaborations with several fashion houses. Her most recent one is with the Opening Ceremony boutique with which she collaborated in 2009. But it is for her sense of style that se gained a lot of fame and respect.

Pretty unorthodox, the way in which she likes to dress seems as eclectic as her acting choices. Her appearances always have a retro sense- besides she adores everything vintage- and she likes to accentuate her shapely legs mostly with short dresses and shorts. Nonetheless, one of her most succesful outfits is considered to be the maxi, one-shoulder, polka dot dress she worn at the Emmys 2009.

Chloe Sevigny constitutes a real fashion muse. Marc Jacobs have said about her: ” The fashion world is fascinated by her. Because not only is she talented, young and attractive, she stands out in a sea of often clichéd looking actresses” -not bad, ha?