The New Muse of Music

Why does everybody talk about Lana Del Rey?

 October 2008. A girl named Lizzie Grant releases her first studio album, under the title Kill Kill, which remains in the back shelves of the American record stores. Almost 3 years later, a phenomenon called Lana Del Rey takes the global music business by storm, causing an endless debate concerning her admittedly renewed image. Bright red lips, thick eyeliner and voluminous red hair are the most characteristic elements that constitute the mysterious and retro look of the contemporary Lolita with the expressive voice.

Is she simply a creation of the music business? Whether or not, the 25 year old “femme fatale” manages to get million of hits on You Tube daily, her fans seem to be enchanted by her presence and the critics declare her as the next ultimate muse of the music world. Her videos are full of vintage clips, highlighting Lana’s stunning looks and sensual voice. The “Gangster Nancy Sinatra” appears to be the antidote in an era when RnB and pop sounds are in the spotlight, while reflecting some of the old Hollywood’s glamour and 1960s atmosphere.

On the other hand, her long-awaited live performances, climaxing with the one on Saturday Night Live, caused deprecatory reactions, since the young singer looked more like the inglorious Lizzie and less like the talent the whole world is talking about. So now we can only wait and see whether Lana Del Rey is here to stay or she is just a passer-by.

Chrysa Darsakli