SKG*: streetstyle

Text: Billy Hazel
Photos: Irida Georgiadou

SKG*: Airport of Thessaloniki IATA code 

Young people wearing what makes them feel comfortable, giving a splash of freshness, creativity and elegance. You can find styles from skater to chic, punk to pop, vintage to minimal and so many other mix ‘n’ matches of all these. We found people taking a walk around the city center and snapped their photos expressing their uniqueness through their clothes.


Name: Jenny Loo
Occupation: Stylist & Fashion Consultant, Editor in chief at
Wears: Zara dress, Zara booties, Holy Moustache vintage bag

Name: Mina Tzana
Occupation: Model, French Philology Student
Wears: ASOS dress, Zara bag, River Island boots, H&M earrings

Name: Theodora Michailidou
Occupation: Model, Interior Design Student
Wears: Vintage Jenny shirt, H&M necklace, Zara shorts, Chanel shoes, Chanel bag