Christina Zygouri

Text: Christina Zygouri

Everything happened at the very last minute. Just a few days before the lessons begin. Trying to find myself through a job for many years I visited Fashion Workshop. Very hesitant and sure that it was something not for me. Vicky welcomed me smiling. As she explained to me all about the studies, I was silently thinking “oh my god this is it, I found it.” I said to my self that I had a choice. I could walk away, me and the dream or I could try it. So I did.

I began to take inspiration from anything. All the things that my teachers taught, started to fill the puzzle fashion is and has nothing to do with the fashion I had in mind. Even though some days were really hard, something kept me focused. Interesting Lessons, creative assignments, professional photoshootings, inspiring lectures, artful walks in Athens, new friendships. The “beauty editor” specialization is something that came up within the Magazine “Fashion Forward” and especially after the urge of Mrs. Mia Kollia, who learned us all how to write better about the fashion. Currently I’m writing as a beauty editor for the and and working as a personal stylist. And I love it!