New column: M.E. in the city

The two fashion spies, Marina & Eleni, wander around Athens… Watch out because they’re about to make…a mess!

Text: Eleni Fotopoulou, Marina Zamzara

Yes, we must admit it; we love this strangely beautiful city. There are so many things to do and so many places to visit. And, of course, so many interesting people to meet. So, we decided that we shouldn’t miss the chance of going out there and find what’s cool to do in Athens.

At our first stroll, a fashion boutique caught our attention. Enchanted by the architecture and the interior design of the Ensayar boutique at Glyfada, in Southern Athens, we stopped our car and we stepped into one of the most special places in Athens.

Designed by Andrianopoulos + Associates Architects, Ensayar hosts the most famous designer brands, like Vivienne Westwood, Burberry, D&G, Moncler, Tom’s, Mikita Sunglasses and other. In Spanish “ensayar” means test, try, and it sounds just like that. When you see the Ensayar boutique, you just want to get in and get lost in the fabulous world of fashion.


We believe that the city is more spectacular at night, so we ended our day with a refreshing cocktail downtown. TZIZ is a cute bar at the centre of Athens with great music and great people. With Cathy Papag on the decks and… at the bar, the night was meant to be great! TZIZ is open all day and night and is considered to be a hot spot, so don’t miss the chance to visit it. 12 Navarinou str., Exarhia.


P.S Just an idea for those who are seeking a place to adore in Athens: the City Circus Athens Travellers’ Inn is the new hot spot of the town. Mostly a hostel than an actual hotel, the City Circus is located in the central Athens, at Psirri, just across the Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya. Even though a hostel, the City Circus does not remind us the typical hostels we all have seen in many films; its design is pure and simple, inspired by art and based on the cultural identity of the neighborhood. So, don’t omit to visit it and of course to suggest it to your friends from abroad because they are going to love this unique Athenian place! 16 Sarri str., Athens, 0030 3023 7244.

Stay tuned for the next stroll!

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