“The world was all for youth now”. Twiggy

The impact of the youth in fashion during the 60s was huge, as the young “rebels” and fashionistas, rocked the boat of fashion. They doubted Paris, that was the international center of fashion, and redefined who creates fashion and how. The new generations of designers, as well as the new boutiques, were the “parents” of fashion youthquake and the beginning of looseness in the history of fashion was spread worldwide.

Diana Vreeland, American Vogue’s Editor-in-chief during the 60s, coined the term “youthquake” and wrote that, “Youth, warm and gay as a kitten, yet self-sufficient as James Bond is surprising countries east and west, with a sense of assurance serene beyond all years… The year’s in its youth, the youth in its year. Under 24 and more than 90 million strong in the U.S. alone. More dreamers. More doers. Here. Now. Youthquake 1965”.

As the famous series “Mad Men” made such an anticipated return in the small screen during March, another artistic work took us back in the 60s. “Youthquake!” was explored through an exhibition of the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Master of Arts program in Fashion and Textile Studies History, Theory and Museum Practice  in cooperation with the Museum at FIT, in New York. The exhibition received very positive reviews, mostly because of its multifaceted character and plenty of media were used to cover the subject.

For more information on the “Youthquake! The 1960s Fashion Revolution”, visit the Institute’s site,

Evita Kaplanis