Text: Evmorfia Savvaidi

Honestly, I’m a little bit nervous these days. I can’t be in all places at one time but I wish I could. I worry if my life passes by and I don’t get to travel everywhere. I’m obsessed with landscapes: when I see breathtaking sceneries I want to conquer them, to exist through them.

These obsessions are more like a photo journal. Not many words, nor many descriptions. One reason I’m obsessed with obsessions is experimentation. If it doesn’t meet with success, it’s ok.

Below, there are some of my to-get-obsessed landscapes/spots; oceans, mountains, coasts, la tour Eiffel; enthralling and breathtaking, ready to steal your heart forever and ever. Choose your favorite and be part of it. Close your eyes and let yourself taste the ocean’s brine, even though you’re not going to cross it for real. But… you never know!

Your “fellow travelers”? Kinder(s), lemonade and a song without lyrics!