Milan Fashion Week: Spring 2013 (1)

“Volare, oh oh
Cantare, oh oh oh oh”

Text: Elena Papastavrou

Italian Fashion Week fever and I find myself stuck in front of a computer trying to capture every single detail that passes across my screen. Prada, Gucci, Max Mara, Jil Sander, Bottega Veneta… everyone’s there and it’s like they’re waving. Having my notepad right next to me I made my notes:


PRADA. A Geisha back in the 60’s would definitely look like that. Kimono-shaped dresses, pop art daisies and flowers from Japanese gardens during Spring. Origami skirts folded in many ways created the irreplaceable “mini” of the 1960’s.

GUCCI. Emphasis to the sleeves. Any type of sleeves (man-kimono, flute, bishop, bell and all above ruffled). Colour strikes back, being the only “fancy” thing about the clothes, since embroideries, stones and other charms (which identify the fashion house) were missing.

MAX MARA. African safari could become very stylish in real life if the Max Mara clothes were included. Tones of camel, military green and grey composed a reference to Mother Earth.

JIL SANDER. Minimalism and shapes were my first thoughts during the fashion show. Characteristics of the fashion house, mixed with the simplicity and elegance that offer dark blue, bright white, burgundy and fun orange. Long jackets and vests are totally going to be a hit!

BOTTEGA VENETA. No pants? Of course not because of the 40’s approach of Tomas Maier. Body-loving shapes and a feeling of vintage (which everybody loves), embroideries which when I saw I thought I was seeing some kind of treasure, made me feel that this collection is honest and precious.

Milan Fashion Week isn’t over yet. Find out more about Spring catwalks here.