Looking forward

Above: unpublished photo by Katerina Tsatsani

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, 2nd Open Day, Make a Wish “Sunday Funday” and a trully talented photographer, Katerina Tsatsani. 

Photos: Katerina Tsatsani for “L’Officiel” magazine
Styling: Al Giga

After an emotional and successful graduation, we are getting prepared for our second Open Day to welcome future fashion journalists and stylists. It was a year ago when the journey began and things turned out to be even better than i ever expected. The fashion world opened its gates to 50 workshopaholics who love fashion, were taught everything about the most competing field of global economy and who work hard.

Enthousiastic interns, post graduate students at fashion colleges in Europe and USA or already working, it is amazing that all of 2011_12 workshopaholics found their way into the fashion arena. I congratulate them and take my hand off to them! Being a workshopaholic means learning from the best, not tolerating imitations, giving your all for everything you get involved with.

The power of will is always the best drive in life. I found out about this power from the children of “Make a wish”. As an ambassador i learned that whatever the difficulties, one should never give up. I will be expecting you all at Make a Wish Family Funday on Sunday, September 23rd. It’s going to be fun, i promise! Find out more about Funday here.

After all, i ll see you all tonight at Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in the center of Athens. An afternoon of shopping bargains, happy tunes and a get together to supprort our city and spark up the market. I know we are going through difficult times, but let’s smile and have fun. Here is the limited edition T shirt inspired by ancient Greek civilisation: 

Today I decided to share an editorial i did some years ago for “L’ Officiel” magazine. Katerina Tsatsani is a talented photographer and a very good friend. I will never forget how much she supported me at a very difficult period of my career. She is currently working for all major Greek magazines (invluding Vogue Hellas) and for magazines all over Europe: Vogue (Russia and Germany), Elle (Russia and Germany) and many others. She’s now planning a big exhibition of her work in Germany. This year, I celebrate 20 years of a career full of experiences, joys, wisdom, passions, some disappointments and many lessons learned, a lot of traveling and a pretty big portfolio. So, every week, i ll try and share with you some of my favorite editorials, along with the new ones that i will be shooting shortly with Genevieve Majari and Dada Ioannidou.

I think i ve said it all! C u!

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