Markos Andriotis

Text: Markos Andriotis
Photo: Iliana Alexandrou

It was a rainy day of 2011 round October and I was wearing black thick woolen culotte shorts paired with a leather biker kapitone jacket, overcoated with a collarless manto with wide -kimono like- sleeves. It was one of these days you look great and you can’t help but posing lightly. I had heard about the Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya over a TV spot but I didn’t know what was about. So, having kept the contact, it was this day I decided I should call. All by chance I was at Starbucks near the workshop and by 5 minutes I was staring the heavy red door.

Vicky Kaya herself, looking more real than ever, hugged me saying ‘what a lovely presence!’ And that was it. I have entered the place in which the next months I would practically name myself as a well educated Stylist.

And it wasn’t only me I had faith in my self. My head teacher Nicholas Georghiou with his incredible way to convey his messages, made me strong enough to express myself through fashion, even when others don’t get me. And that’s a struggle. Beloved Dada Ioannidou, my History of Fashion teacher taught me that through research of the decades I can find unexpected material, from which i could drive inspiration. But it was Vicky who believed I can make it. And she wasn’t easy on me. But that’s love: it can be soft, it can be strict. The aim is to evolve.

We live at the gap between 2 totally different eras. A big change is happening and my generation is responsible for that.

Currently I am an intern at VogueHellas and editor at blogzine