Maria Tzavara

Text: Maria Tzavara
Photo: Iliana Alexandrou

If I turned back time a year ago, aspects of my daily life seem to have nothing in common with today. My magical trip in fashion started officially on November of 2011, when 50 people gathered in the white New Yorkish loft of Sarri and R. Palamidi str., the Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya. The place was flooding in ambition, dreams and our very own personal goals along with the valuable information given from Miss Dada Ioannidou in our first lecture. The days were passing and the unknown crowd gradually converted into a group of hardworking students under the supervision of talented teachers. After several months of daily lessons, innovative projects, inspiring guest tutors (Filep Motwary, Katia Trakada, Kostas Vogiatzis aka yatzer, Aimilia Papafilipou and Patricia Field), long nights of group studying, uncountable coffees and lots of fun the big day of our graduation came as a reward.

After that day our paths divided into several directions, reinforcing some of the most prominent fashion magazines, sites and houses. My “path” drove me to Marie Claire magazine, where I am working as a blissed intern. All of these could not but be devoted to each one of those persons who made our dreams come true: Mr Nicholas Georghiou, Miss Dada Ioannidou, Mrs Mia Kollia, Mrs Elena Mavromichali, Miss Genevieve Majari, Miss Ioanna Peppa, Mr John Sarlis and the founder of this big idea Miss Vicky Kaya.

Undoubtedly an experience I will never forget.