Vassia Vrettou

Text: Vassia Vrettou
Photo: Iliana Alexandrou

During my studies in the Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya I gained a lot of experiences, knowledge and friendships. Prominent professionals from the fashion sector imparted us their knowledge and experiences by transferring us their unique artistic vision and perception. They taught us to respect, study and comprehend the art and the global history in order to be able to produce qualitative and notably projects. We lived a number of significant and unforgettable moments. I will always remember the design of Mageia’s window, the Nokia’s photoshooting in the Island of Mykonos, the photoshooting of Katerina Psoma’s jewelry as well as my participation in the preparation and publication of school’s magazine. All the projects required not only the creation and the presentation of the initial concept but also the curation of the final image. Throughout this process, we all learned to collaborate efficiently, respect and admire our colleagues’ work.

By the end of the academic year the majority of the students had the opportunity to gain practical knowledge via being employed in various posts in the fashion business. As far as my exciting and educational working experience is concerned, I am currently doing my internship in the PR agency, CIVITAS.


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