Text: Evmorfia Savvaidi

The reference point for these Obsessions is graduation from Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya. While my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are full of family photos, I got tempted to focus on my adventure as a workoshopaholic and share with you my favorite photos captured by Christianna Belba.

Me and Antriana Paraskevopoulou in Ourania Kay Zoi Micha and me

But, what’s the relevant fact with Obsessions? My obsession for fashion led me there. It was my source of energy, feeding my obsession every single day. I can’t say I love fashion because it’s something more than that: I can feel its energy.

 My two beloved friends Zoi Micha and Antriana Paraskevopoulou. Plus: my favorite Greek fashion designer Yiorgos Eleftheriades.

It’s not always about clothes; if you want to handle fashion, you have to know everything, but above all you need aesthetics: an inherent gift which can be totally evolved, or bought, or even conquered from scratch! But believe me those natural aesthetics gift-ers are going to change the world!

“We are vintage pieces, the real thing, the unique ones, the first workshopaholics ever existed”, Christianna Belba

 Christianna Belba I love you!

One day, someone said “find what you love and let it kill you”. I found it so let it be! Because I’m happy and proud workshopaholic!
A Late Sunday Coffeedence, even if it’s Tuesday. Bikers are cool, handsome, brave, ok stop!

Filming/editing: Chris Tsounis
Additional filming: John Boukras

If I had to choose something to eat my entire life, most likely I would opt for this.

A denim vest patchworked from different colors of python. Proenza Schouler Spring 2013

God found out that Kate Bosworth is pretty enough with blue as well as green eyes so he somehow forked. Not bad at all.

This Givenchy pouch is a challenge for your total black looks.

We’ve cited Gaia way back but here’s another praiseworthy appearance of her in NYFW Spring 2013.