SKG*: Melisses Gallery

SKG*: Airport of Thessaloniki IATA code

Text_Illustration_Photos: Billy Hazel

I always find little shops interesting because they definitely hide something good, strange and special. This shop is a treasure chest full of diamonds and precious stones.Colorful cushions with patterns and designs, happy paintings that make your day, feeling like visiting Laduree, cute little figures of birds and porcelain plates with dinosaurs, insects and a pig. Hand soaps transformed into petite maltese dogs leave you with a fresh smell and decorate discreetely your bathroom. The window gives a vivid idea of what is going to follow in there. Yes, Melisses Gallery is the epitome of cute yet stylish houseware in Thessaloniki. Except from all these accessories Melisses Gallery provides you with a collection of jewelry like necklaces with your initial letter, bracelets and rings in strange forms and rare shapes. I totally recommend this shop, it’s perfect for house accessories shopping but of course a little something to please and treat yourselves.

Melisses Gallery: 7 Chrysostomou Smyrnis, Thessaloniki